Improving Yozio

Yozio is a unique challenge because its product is relatively innovative and technical. People have a hard time understanding its capabilities because there is nothing to compare it to. When understood, however, it has huge value.

Problem 1: Yozio now allows customers to make SuperLinks in HTTPS format. How do we help them learn the value of this, enable it, and disable it?

Key learnings: It's hard to get people to do something they know little about even if it's good for them. Feed them information slowly to start and keep it as simple as possible. They don't need to know about certificates and wait times.


Problem 2: Yozio's SuperLink setup is long, complicated, and overwhelming to users. How can we alleviate this pain and even make it enjoyable?

Key learnings: When designing for a new product, ask yourself if every element really needs to be there. Use data to validate your assumptions and scrap the junk. Less content = easier decision making.


Before My Design Update


After My Design Update