Hi there!

My name is Loe and I'm a Product Designer. I work cross functionally to maintain and improve the user experience for Marketo's online Community, Education site, Help Article site, and Support site. I'm also instrumental in designing the federated search experience (Solr) and streamlining internal design and release processes.

Before going to Marketo, I attended General Assembly's User Experience Immersive program under the Girl Develop It Scholarship. I've been consulting as a UX Designer since 2012 and I have 6 years of experience in startups, e-commerce, and enterprise software.

When I'm not designing, I'm is practicing yoga, singing backup in the Lagos Roots Afrobeat Ensemble, and recording my new album.

There is a particular kind of UX person who can work on virtually anything. Loe is that brand of designer.
— Glen Lipka, VP of UX at Marketo