Copying & Deconstructing Design

Sometimes I deconstruct designs to understand how I can leverage their unique qualities in my own work. Here are some UI/UX explorations of mine where I recreated or reinvented products I admire. 

Google Forms

I've always had this usability issue where I'm using Google Forms and I can't tell what I've selected to edit. I tried removing the pop up/3D effect when text is selected and indented the content slightly (so content priority is clearer and all text isn't aligned left). I also played with the idea of making Google Forms more complex where you can choose a segment, etc.


Leanplum is an AB testing/multi variant testing tool that onboards users through a cute, friendly Leanplum mobile app. Testing can be complicated and it's important for the user to have flexibility while also seeing the summary of their experiment. I really like how LeanPlum designs their selection flow when a user clicks on a field with many layers/categories of options.

Facebook and Google

Notifications are a really important part of any app. In what context do you show them? How often? What is the language? What is the interaction? What types of notifications do you need? Product updates? Bug fixes? New direct messages? To answer these questions, I explored Google and Facebook's notification flows.