Qnify was a web-based social application that finds personalized events and activities. The more the user used Qnify, the better Qnify's recommendations would become. Competitors include Eventbright, Foodspotting, and Yelp.

conceptual model.png


I worked with a team of three engineers to build and refine their business strategy to create a minimum viable product and to build key user flows. I also did visual design for the team and worked with the lead UI developer to ensure the final product reflected the initial design.


Things I learned:

  • It's common for people get fixated on aesthetics when they're reviewing a design (i.e. color). Try keeping designs low fidelity when you're doing lots of iterations to keep stakeholders focused on the bigger picture and not the nitty gritty details.
  • Engineers and designers think and see very differently. Leverage those different perspectives to validate ideas and designs and be aware of those how others think/see when communicating. Try not to make any assumptions about what the other person knows or sees.