My client's mobile application motivates people to exercise so they get in shape and lead happier lives. It's a mobile application for iOS and Android and its main competitors are other exercise applications like NikeRun and MyFitnessPal. Here is what the conceptual model looks like.


As design consultant, I researched the competitive landscape to generate a competitive matrix. I also did user interviews and researched the demographics of users in the mobile exercise app space to create the client's personas. Here is an example of one of those personas.



Following the persona and competitive research project, the client asked me to do usability testing. I generated a comprehensive project plan with the intention of giving the team a high level view of users' experience in their application. I wanted to use an initial, broad analysis of the application to clue us in to the areas we should focus on. After testing ten users on Android and ten on iOS, here is one of the top findings.



Finding: Users don't understand the points system



After defining the top ten pain points through reviewing the usability tests, I created a UI solutions to solve the current problems and presented the research, findings, and UI prototypes to the team.



Things I learned:

  • Don't try to make a point by telling someone something. Show them. White board, do user interviews, and present your mockups.
  • Sometimes being a designer means not only designing, but educating others about design. What do designers do? Where do their responsibilities start and where do they end? What are common practices in design and design research? How can your company get the most out of hiring a designer?
  • Don't be afraid to take the reigns and run with a project. If you lead confidently, others will have confidence in you.