I just celebrated my year anniversary at HubSpot, the dreamiest job I've ever had. Here is a short run down of problems I've tackled and things I've learned.


Problem 1:
HubSpot's Content Optimization System (the thing you use to make emails, websites, blogs, and landing pages) is disjointed and not aligned with the design language of the design team. Consequently, it's inconsistent with other HubSpot products and it makes it difficult for our customers. They have to learn new patterns when they learn our product and switching between products takes more thought.

To be consistent and to produce quality design across products, designers have to embody that consistency and quality in the way they work and communicate together. Be aligned. Communicate often. Prioritize, research, and plan together. Don't go rogue. Swim like a school of fish. Here is an example of a prototype we tested together across content types to validate dashboards and foldering systems.

Problem 2:
HubSpot's Content Optimization System makes it incredibly difficult for customers to do their job. 

When you solve for everyone, the experience for customers worsens over time. Your company and its code base grows, communication becomes more of a challenge (this totally natural), and the user experience becomes increasingly disparate. Detangling and refocusing is much more costly than being very firm in the problems and people you're solving for. Here is an exploration of what the product could be like if marketers were our target persona.