You Know Nothing Jon Snow

People think they're smarter than others all the time. They've worked longer. They have more experience. They're more educated. They're older. They're younger. They're more proficient in a language. They think differently.

There are many reasons for why people put themselves above others. Ambiguity and the unknown are scary and people pride themselves in knowing all the answers. It defines them and their reputation. If one belief is in question-what about all the others? Will people respect them less? Will their reputation be in jeopardy?

After seeing this, experiencing it, and doing it myself, I've come to realize that as a designer, putting yourself above others is sabotage. You create distance and mistrust and you build barriers between you and others so there's no possibility of open mindedness and understanding. You're also missing out on crucial design feedback that you clearly, for whatever reason, cannot see.

I made a promise to myself that every time I feel frustration and confusion in design, I shouldn't see it as a personal affront but a key opportunity to grow.