Yoga Makes You Rich

You may think yoga is for privileged, skinny, hipsters. Lady hipsters who like Lulu Lemon.

While I'll admit to being privileged (if you're in tech and you say you aren't, you're lying), I am too cheap and reasonable to be a hipster and I refuse to buy Lulu Lemon. I think yoga is for people who want (and have time) to be more successful in their careers. It may also rid you of anxiety and make you buff-but that's a less provocative argument.

Why yoga makes you rich:
1. Yoga makes you calm and level-a highly desireable quality in any leader.
2. Yoga trains you how to focus better-also something essential as a leader since leaders manage more people and more projects
3. Yoga makes you more perceptive-Every time you practice you think about yoga and life from a new perspective. This type of brain training can help leaders see through the lens of their peers, their CEOs, and their customers.
4. Yoga makes you more patient-things fall through, politics ensue, you might be blamed for something you didn't do because that's part of being a manager. Yoga helps you breathe through it and maintain your sanity.