Great Manager, Lame Friend

I've said I love being a manager but it's scary because of the responsibility.

I've also mentioned how I feel like I naturally fall into the roll of nurturer and caretaker (IdeaScale Mom).

What I haven't discussed yet is how awkward it is to be a friend when you're trying so hard to be a calm, even leader all the time. You have to keep people on track. You don't have time to grab a drink or to go out because you have a million things to do. You're the last one in line and everything is ultimately your responsibility.

Good managers tend to have certain behaviors that make them inherently uncool. They're always trying to be fair and stable and politically correct. They never have favorites. They make you do things you don't want to do sometimes-so it's impossible to be their friend because it's never completely equal.

I love the people I work with but as someone who's new to management, I'm finding that being a good manager can mean being a bit lonely sometimes.