Where did the Ground Go?

Life is unpredictable.

We spend so much time planning things like where we’ll live, what we’ll study, when we’ll marry, and what career path we’ll pursue. Plans carry a lot of weight because they define who we are and who we’re going to be. They also stress us out when they fall through.

After 6 years in tech, I don’t think I’ve had one job that stayed the same for one year. It caused a ton of anxiety in my early twenties. I didn’t mind the variation. What concerned me was whether or not I was moving forward to something where I could make more money and be happier. I had no North Star.

After discovering my North Star (User Experience Design), I figured it would be relatively smooth cruising. I’d prototype like a madwoman for a couple years, become a Sr. Designer, and then manage my own team.

You’d think that after one year of anxiety therapy in my early twenties and 6 years of tech experience, I’d have this figured out by now. I don’t. My role is still changing (making me feel like the kitten below) and I’m going to have to reevaluate who I am and where I want to go. I guess the key is to do it gracefully.