When Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson, Called my CEO

The Bay Area is a strange place.

There is so much money and so many people and companies I never dreamed of coming into contact with. From Minnesota where I grew up, execs and tech were untouchable and sort of godly. We’d only see them in TV shows and movies.

A few months ago, I moved into an apartment owned by Rickey Henderson, a retired major league baseball player who set the world record for stealing bases. I also started working at Marketo, a fast growing enterprise software company in San Mateo.

Yesterday, after calling my VP twice and emailing my HR department, Rickey Henderson somehow got ahold of my CEO’s cell phone number and called him to get information about my employment status and my salary. I have no idea how Rickey got my COE’s cell phone number. My HR department politely told me to never do this again.

So thank you, you weird, weird Bay Area for this ridiculous experience, and thank you Rickey Henderson, “Man of Steal”, for embarrassing the hell out of me at my new job. Phil, the CEO of my 500 person company, had no idea who I was. Now he definitely does.