Meeting with Neil Srinivasan, Pandora’s Sr. Product Manager

In my quest to learn more about Product Management, I reached out to the incredibly friendly and sharp Neil Srinivasan, a Sr. Product Manager at Pandora. Neil has worked at Oracle, Google, and now Pandora. He’s also an aspiring musician.

Here is what I learned from Neil.

A) There are five different types of Product Managers

1. Enterprise PMs

2. Advertising PMs

3. Consumer PMs

4. Hardware PMs

5. Web PMs

1-4 are revenue based. 5 is not.

B) There is a pretty typical structure/set up for online Communities. Here’s what it looks like.

C) To be a leader, ask questions

If you’re doing the talking, you’re not leading. Come with focused questions and use questions to steer teams in the right direction.