Loe’s Advice on How to Interview at Marketo

Hi World!

Designers are contacting me because they want to know what to expect when interviewing at Marketo. After offering the same advice four times, I thought it was time for a blog post.

Disclaimer: This is my advice, not Marketo’s. While it may help you do well in the interview, following this advice will not guarantee you land the job (sorry, that’s up to Marketo business strategy and the enterprise software industry gods).

Ok! So…

1. Marketo likes sharp cookies

Are you resourceful, critical, hungry to learn, and articulate? Be ready to talk about why you do every little thing you do. Also be ready to ask a ton of questions. Hopefully you’ll do this anyhow because in my opinion, your interviewers (i.e. our VP of UX) are ridiculously interesting people with a wealth of design and product knowledge.

2. Marketo likes designers who are madly in love with design

Marketo is a design-focused company and they want designers who perpetuate holistic user experience. Be ready to talk about what people and sites inspire you, why you love design, and what design books you love. Blog your designy heart out. It shows you care and it gives Marketo insight into how you think and how design-focused you are.

3. Marketo likes both leaders and collaborators

Leadership skills are incredibly important. So are collaborative skills. If you can do both,  you’ll be a really valuable asset to the company because they can leverage your expertise in different ways.

4. Marketo wants to get shit done

While Marketo is a big company, it operates at a very fast pace. The design team’s main goal is to get designs shipped so they want to see that drive and follow through in you too.

5. Marketo wants to see a well-designed portfolio

Your portfolio is a direct representation of you and the design decisions you’re likely to make at Marketo. How’s the information architecture? Did you rock the typography? How’s the layout? Is the language concise and did you tell good stories? Don’t wing it and make something subpar. Do use other platforms to make it pretty if you aren’t HTML/CSS literate. It doesn’t have to be mind blowing. It just has to make sense, look neat, and be easy to read.

Good luck interviewers! Marketo is a fantastic place to work so I guarantee, it’s well worth the effort