Kaiser Blood Test = Super Fun!

Hey world!

I felt the need to report on a really wonderful user experience I had recently at Kaiser in Oakland. This is how the interaction went:

1. I emailed my doctor to ask if I can get lab work done

2. He responded and told me he put in an order for me. I could go to any Kaiser lab during their open hours

3. I drove to the Kaiser building and parked my car easily in their parking lot

4. I walked about 10 feet into the building, took the elevator down a floor, and arrived in the medical offices

5. I looked around for signage to see where the lab was, saw it right away, and followed the signs (there was also a super friendly admin there to help me in case I didn’t see these)

6. I walked into the lab room and there was a brick road leading to a little machine that printed me a ticket.

7. I sat down on a chair and waited about 10 minutes ’till my number was called

8. I checked in (2 min) and walked right back to a nurse who asked me how my day was and made me feel at ease as she poked me with a needle. Even that experience was pretty awesome (one swift poke).

I feel like the doctor’s office is such a stressful place. We’re always worrying about our schedules and our diagnoses and Kaiser does such a wonderful job streamlining all of these processes so there’s no added stress.

I literally walked out of the building smiling with no sticker and no popsicle.