Feedback for a Friend’s Portfolio

A friend asked me for feedback on his sister’s portfolio. Here’s the site and here is what I advised:!resume/c46c

Hey Sean!

She has a great start with a lot of meaningful content to leverage (looks like she has a lot of great experience). Here are some suggestions. Feel free to take them or leave them.

– Pay more attention to alignment/the grid: think of the design over a grid and see how much you can line up images and text to make the layout more consistent. The more consistent the grid is, the easier it is for viewers to digest your content (human brains like order). If you look at Sarah’s homepage, the text and images are not all aligned on the left.

– Only have one navigation: Right now there are two main navigations (the circles and the top nav). I’d omit the circles because the top nav is a more familiar layout and its positioned better for where it lies in the content hierarchy (above everything rather than below and to the side).

– Ensure all text is legible when choosing text color and hue: A lot of users are colorblind (7% of all men in the US) and a ton of people wear glasses. So it’s always good to ensure text is big enough and that its hue contrasts enough with the background. Sara has off white titles on light gray in her portfolio and they’re hard to read. I also think the text color for the top nav should be darker.

– Be aware of the power of color: I noticed that when I view Sarah’s resume, the fusia color is so bold and strong that it’s hard for me to look at the light grey text. This is because color is louder than gray and the fusia is really opaque and bright. This could be solved by 1) making the color more gray or more white 2) making the text black so it stands out more and fits the intensity of the fusia or 3) taking away the fusia.

– Standards are your friend: I noticed that Sarah’s form is in fusia. I like her playful approach to her website but in this case it might be good to keep the forms white because it’s it cues users in to the fact that it’s a form so they can enter text there (most forms are white).

I have to run off and get packing for Yosemite but let me know if you have any questions! My portfolio is below as an example as well. Wish her luck for me!