This post is dedicated to my sisters and Grandma Jean.

Last month was an emotional month. In two weeks, my grandma passed away, my niece was born, and I broke up with a boyfriend. I was exhausted and confused. I don’t think I’ve ever gained so much and lost so much so quickly in my life.

While going through this emotional roller coaster, I had an epiphany: Family is a really awesome design for helping people cope with change.

It was my grandma’s last week of life and my niece’s first week in the world. During that time, I saw my aunts and my mom team up to care for Grandma and each other. I saw something similar with my sisters. We cried on each others shoulders, fed each other when we were too sad or too tired, and took turns holding the new baby. We tag teamed-going to the hospital with Mom, consoling our aunts, and updating our cousins. I’ve always loved my sisters but I didn’t realize how essential they were to my survival and my emotional health till last month.

What a great design. Regardless of what comes next, I have the support of my sisters and I’ll never be alone.