After a tumultuous, confusing couple weeks at Marketo, I transformed from a UX Designer to an Associate Product Manager butterfly.

I find it so funny that the one time in my life where I’m really learning to let go, everything seems to be falling into place. I always expected something terrible to happen-like I’d lose a job or I’d miss an opportunity. It’s actually the  opposite. I feel like a Boggle letter that has finally been shaken into its snuggly little place.

My product is the Marketo Community. My role is to work with stakeholders (Marketing, Support, Enablement, Education) to make the user experience optimal for our users and to maximize ROI. There are 30,000 customers on there getting help, taking our courses, posting ideas, and discussing issues with other Marketoites. We’re going to double this year. The number of users could double too.

So far my favorite part of Product Management is that I’m involved in all different parts of the process from ideation to design to development to marketing. I get to talk to people all day and apparently that makes me very happy (my happy meter has elevated noticeably since moving to this more social position). I also love putting processes in place. Lucky for me, my product is relatively new (it existed before but it wasn’t defined as a product) so I get to build all processes from the ground up. It’s going to be a lot of work but I love a good challenge.

Off I go to Product Management land!