Loe has 10 years of product management and ux design experience.

Before designing at Hubspot, Loe was in the Bay Area for six years as a Product Designer at Yozio (now Findera), a Manager of Product at IdeaScale, a UX designer at Marketo, a UX consultant for Nexercise (now Sworkit), and an email marketer at Sensys Networks and Art.com.

Her LinkedIn

Favorite Things:

  • Sharp, hungry people who are honest and open with themselves and others

  • Products driven by customer research and 1-3 company KPIs-not by egos, competitors, or one customer

  • Diverse teams (brown, white, purple, queer, fluid, trans, straight, old, young)

  • Holistic, human-centered design

  • Throwing away designs or killing features that aren't useful

There is a particular kind of UX person who can work on virtually anything. Loe is that brand of designer.
— Glen Lipka, Employee #1 & VP of UX at Marketo